I have been supporting an intimate network of birthing women for almost fifteen years. As a doula I aspire to preserve a woman’s desired birth experience by being a source of continuous physical and emotional support during labor and by providing her with evidence-based information throughout the time we work together. I have concrete knowledge of the physiology of birth, and the utmost respect for birth as a natural process unique to each woman experiencing it.


I have supported women in home and hospital settings. I have experience supporting women whether their birth is unmedicated or  medicated, an induction, VBAC, or Cesarean. Birth may unfold in many forms, each beautiful in its own right and meeting a woman where she is with sensitivity and support gives her the power to own her experience.


I am grateful for each woman who has chosen me to be a part of her transformation to mother, whether it is to her first baby or to her sixth…


I have been married to my hero for 20 years. I am a mother of four, a home birth veteran, and a second year student-midwife pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at the Midwives College of Utah. I hold current CPR-BLS and NRP Certifications. I am a member of the Utah Doula Association, and Utah Midwives Organization and I am a volunteer doula at the University of Utah Medical Center.